Lourenço Soares

Fossils: a critique of political imaginaries (fig. books)

drawings: colored pencil on paper, selection of books from the Volumes Archive; 2022

Fossils: a critique of political imaginaries (fig. books) is made up of two parts. The first is composed of publications from the Volumes archive with books from my library and creates a dialogue between my current research and that of the artists present in Volumes. The second part is made up of a series of drawings of book covers. These drawings are a sort of dictionary for existent and speculative knowledges about pre-historic life. Some of the drawings use elements from existing books and point at specific paradigms in natureculture relations: the tradition of natural history, Linnean classification, and extractivist practices. Others are speculative. The range of designs corresponds to the experience of living under overlapping and contradictory epistemic worlds.