Lourenço Soares

flipcharts (cars, dinosaurs, free markets)

four drawings on flipcharts, wall drawing; 2022

(...) The practice of Lourenco Soares is a practice of research by the means of art. A research on the syntax, forms and ecologies of knowledge. It is a work of de/monstration and his projects often borrow from the so-called hard sciences a methodology of models analysis. For Plattform22, Lourenço Soares presents an installation composed of a mural and four iconological panels, composed of hand-drawn images taken from scientific or educational publications. lt is an exercise in montage and analogy, Atlas Mnemosyne, an attempt to read the present by freeing itself from the categories and grids of reading imposed by traditional historiography. The panels oppose, on the one hand, the visual paradigm of the representation of a history that has become canonical through the image itself, and on the other hand, the epistemological paradigm of knowledge, in other words, a form of knowledge that tends towards immutable ideas and concepts. Clearly in line with critical theories, the work participates in subverting the integrity of images that persist as dominant and defining principles of an era. By reconstructing history through analogy, Soares proposes a new way of reading the world in the present. (...)

text by Julie Marmet

drawing titles (from left to right): virtuous cycles of prosperity (intake, compression, combustion, and exhaust); the invisible hand (Scrotum humanum); a live monster that is fruitful and multiplies (consumer is king); geological times (stundenlohn); wall: Moritz (redrawn with permission from original artwork by Esther Premru)

photo credits: Guadalupe Ruiz